Friday, January 30, 2009


Back from the angpau hunt. Spent my chinese new year in AlorSetar and Penang.
It was kinda bored right there , she got no credit O.O and i was spending my times with my grandparents dog hahas .
Meet Lexy.

The only thing i hate about chinese new year is what zhuozhi mentioned in his post. i totally agree. for example
ahahas. look at my dad -.-

but end up i got
weeeeeeeeeeeee.i had fun there .with my cousins.

I joined a DotA competition there too. My teammates are my cousin and his friends.
We got 2nd place and won a free excess to the cybercafe for 60hours -.- lol.

Me and HER got a crazy chat by the time i was in Penang. hahah enjoyed the time =)
ifuckingloveher . weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Went swimming with my cousinsMy cousin's hot eh ? xD !

By loon.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese new year......

1st day of bull year

and i'm already feelin like bullshit guilty

you all know ang paos???

well, everytime i see an auntie or uncle

i will say happy new year

BUT when they take out thos RED BIG ANG PAOS

the cha hai starts
gong xi fa cai

wan shi ru yi

nian nian you yi

shen ti jian kang

shui shui ping ann

ching chun mei li (ya right)

(add more cha hai words)

then they gimme the ang pao

makes me think,

i doin this for money

reli becomin

by zz
P.S. got about 11 ang paos
i must be getting good at this, lol

Sunday, January 25, 2009

26 Jan. Marcus Is Not Dead.

Alot of you must be wondering whats going on to Marcus.
Well this is an update about him .

People. I give u, Marcus.
He is not dead but just, involving itself without the cacoon. the wings are popping out from its back at it looks SO FUCKING DISGUSTING -.-

My uncle will be taking care of it while i'll be going to Kedah for the rest of the week.
I hope he knows what to do to Marcus lol.
Its ChineseNewYear right now , and i wanna wish everyone here a very ChineseNewYear =D

Good Luck to Marcus too hahahs .

ilovemybabyjuliet =)

By. Loon

Reunion 2

well...its CNY eve,and we went 1u for late CNY shopping


woots after gai gai, we went for fish spa! damn cool! but geli-geli! -.-

me and my cousins feet
lol maybe i got smelly feet.all the fish came to my feet instead of my cousin's
stupid no brain feet grow up.

head for dinner somewhere near Bangsar.

'yu sang'
believe me,its not dead yet

doesnt these to pic look similar to you?

pig evolution

haha thats all for CNY eve!cant wait the the angpauS tmr!

by nic


its 24th january,saturday and my uncle came back from singapore for CNY,along with my cousins

have u ever ate a nasi lemak flavour cookie?or maybe laksa flavour cookie?

this is how my face looks like when i ate those cookies

nasi lemak>>> -.-
laksa>>>>>>> T.T

well i guess u know what i mean...

after dinner and some lame cookies.

this thing just pop out of my mind:wanna watch movie?!

my sister was like:'OH YEAH YEAH!MOVIE!'
then she starts begging my uncle
'OKAY!'my uncle answered spontaneously

so we rushed to the cinema for 10pm tickets u have tickets for the movie "Underworld"?
ticketseller:yes but theres only frontseats left
myuncle:what about "redcliff"?
ticketseller:frontseats only
ticketseller:frontseats too

this was my uncles face >>> =.=

so we were forced to buy the movie "Underworld" at 11.30pm

guess where we went next?

you guys should watch how he dance.HAHA
i was busy laughing and forgot to take his pic

after that we went for the movie "Underworld 3:rise of the lycans

it wasnt so nice.quite uncle fell asleep -.-

it was 1.15am after the movie and we realize that our car is in the new wing
and we're stuck in the old wing

found a way back to new wing through sky bridge

back to new wing
*hope i didnt caught anyone in white*

we're the only one left in the parking lot
we headed straight back home after we found our way back to new wing

by nic

Friday, January 23, 2009

Cant tahan friendster liao

Just yesterday, I wanted to view one of my friend's friendster profile. While searching, I saw a hot girl's profileI got distracted by someone else's profile, and i realise friendster is damn screwed up now.

Friendster used to be alot simpler, it is like you are friends with [A] so you add [A] and can always keep in touch with [A], this is especially good for keeping in touch with old classmates or you wanna get to know [A],cos she's hot seems friendly you add her in your friend and start to know her better. Like that plain and simple. Now it has involved into this.

1.The kiasu people

They are usually girls, ages are most probably between 13-17. Some people collect stamps, some insects but not them, they collect friends. They get a friendster account and then they (1) start filling up their friendster account with both people they know and donnoe (2) continue till they max out their whole account (3) start a new account (4) repeat steps 1 2 3 4.

I am like wtf...and then i show my dulan face
-_-, a 15 year old girl has 3000+ frens?

this is wt i think about that

she probably doesnt even know a 100 of them, she probably is

a)a person that thinks that i gt more frens means i more yeng


i think its b


people are forgetting wt is writing testomonials about, its suppose to be written by people who actually KNOW YOU

wt testimonials used to be:

Posted 01/22/2009 4:35 am

I knew Chialoon back in secondary skool,

he is sweet and handsome.......(and so on)

A person who actually knows you writes some cha-hai (kiss-ass) stuff bout you.

wt testimonials are now:


Posted 12/11/2009 3.38 pm
eh, 2morro u goin midvalley?

Posted 12/11/2009 4.48 pm
zzz, cant go la. 2morro must go
buy new underwear

p.s. this is only an example for explanation purposes but the underwear part is true

and ppl oso post greetings at the testimonial section

Posted 01/24/2009 2:20 pm
x)))))))))))))happy chinese new year !
much lovess .

testimonials are becomin the new msn

to be continued
by. ZZ

Jan23. Friday

Today is a funny day. its the last day in school before chinese new year's holiday.
i was STUDYING in the class , as usual. Jeff suddenly came in and see me.
Guess what! Mrlean -.-
i went to the dicipline room. it wasnt crowded. Pnlim , Joyce , and lean were sitting there.
and the looks on their face like they are ready to kill me.
I offered for a sit , and we had a chat. i actually skipped 2 periods while i was in the dicipline room lol.

I greeted them HpyCNY before i gone back to my class.
PnHoon stared at me and i introduced her to my lil pet worm Marucs. She likes Him hahas.

Had QM meeting , congrats to everyone that passed ! oh yeah , she were there ha !
She look so innocent in the meeting , JUST SO U KNOW , I WAS LOOKING AT HER THE WHOLE TIME . =D
Had some fun with my pals in the QM room and headed to the reading corner on after session reccess.

its ChineseNewYear , and i wanna wish everyone who came and visit this blog a very ChineseNewYear. All the best with the AngPaus . hah

By. Loon

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Marcus FungChongChong. !

Its before recess. and i saw the girls screaming cause they saw a worm. INSIDE A DRAWER ?
and they were like. ""AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" and ran as far as they could.
the poor lil worm looked so sad , so i decided to bring it to our class.
at first i think its just annoying cause it just shitted on my wood project .
but later the day , i realised it is daaaaamn cute.
By the end of the day. Me , MunKit and the other guys decided to name it.

yeah i know. its got my surname . isnt "he" just cute or what ?

Marcus is our new family in 4P5. everyone likes him.

We'll take care of u Marcus. So will the girls who shouted at you go near them.


By. Loon

22 january

its thursday today and tomorrow is the last day before CNY holiday starts.
woots i dont have to sit alone anymore!teacher finally complain about our class!and our KT(meikuan) was force to change the pelan duduk kelas!im so god damnit happy!starting from tmr i gotta sit with wenhan.after school,stayed back for AJK meeting.when the meeting is still going on,mav starts knocking the door.and he starts making stupid handsigns to me.and he reminded me that i got tuition at 3.30pm when i look at the clock on the wall,it was 2.50 so i quickly told yanjang(qm pres) that i gtg.when we are waiting in the bus stop with a grumbling stomach,mav calls his mother.and he started cursing.after fucking here and there he told us the tuition was canceled...piss and hungry in the same time we went eating in IPOH.went home straight after eating.
somewhere 9+pm i receive an anonymous phone call.when i saw the missed call.i called back.and this guy he started blabbing that i have been chosen to go to SMK DJ for science stream -.- and i was like 'whatttt?' and he started talking alot cock.guess what he said?
faggish phonecaller:'then would u like to stay in art stream 4P1 and sit beside henwan?'
me:'is this a prank call?'
faggish phonecaller:'you think so too?i guess it is.'
me:'fuck u wenhan -.-'

ciao dulu.

by nic

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Girl Who Cries For A Jerk ?

We'd See u smile. And u have a very sweeeet smile.
We'd Never Seen u cried. And i dont think thats what going on in our mind.
Stop crying for the F*cking jerk u kept mentioning about ?
And live the life YOU want. Forget about the F*cking jerk .
u still got your friends who cares about you . Esspecially US.

Like i said. Pull your mouth and smile as wide as u can when u think about him.
leave that memory into a box that u'll never open.
Its all over now. So just smile for what u have right now.

Sing the song ! And u'll forget him =)

By. US