Saturday, March 7, 2009

A diary of Ray Part 5.


"Ilove you , Christine." looking deeply into her eyes , " I..." My eyes managed to express what words could not. Joy delight and happiness shone like a beacon within my eyes.

She gazed into my eyes deeply, whilst she put a finger gently upon my lips to stop me from saying anything more. , She slipped her soft hand into my hand and my hand tightened upon hers. At that moment , I finally felt confort and love. I shifted closer. We both looked at the sky as the sun was going down from our sight. Sounds of birds chirpping made the mood even more romantic. She gently placed her head on my shoulder and played with my finger. I looked at her , faint blushes of red appeared on aher cheek as she chilled for sometime.

Streetlights were lighting up and thats when the park crowd began to dispersed . She took her leisure standing up, as if wanting the moment to last forever. Before she left, she enveloped me in her warm embrace as i held her in my arms, feeling the warmth and softness of her body against mine . Looking so innocent , i really hoped she would never let go of me. She closed her eyes , and slowly.. very slowly , she angled her lips to mine. lips ever so slightly turned up for the kiss she wanted, the kiss i would give her. I met her warm lips midway and felt her breath against my lips, warm as a summer breeze. Even though the kiss lasted for no more than 10 seconds, this is a sensation i will remember forever should i live till 80 or a 100. Two passionate souls whose first shared kiss neither will ever forget.

I grabbed her around the waist , and she pulled her lips away. We smiled at each other for a second and I gave her a light feathery kiss on her forehead.

Today , is the day i feel that life is not meaningless but full of surprise and hopes.


20th Feb , First day of school after the weekends. My relationship with Christine was suppose to be secret for awhile , just incase anything happened in the early stage of our relationship , i wont ever be

embarassed of our relationship but i really wanted to keep a low profile as this was about the two of us. Its not just about me. Someone unfortunately, from my school must had busy spreading rumours about us.

I reached school late. It was the second period and i was still changing in my bathroom. When i reached school , everyone stared at me with their googly eyes. I pretended everything was fine and i continued walking. Things didnt go as expected . The girls from the cafeteria began pointing and gossiping, at me. I am a little mad but girls so i didnt pay much mind .

I started to suspect my shirt or maybe i wore my sister's socks to school. I dashed into the toilet and locked myself up. I checked from my hair to my toes. Nothing was wrong with me except for the plain old Ray i was.

I got into the classroom and it was a complete silence. Why? I dont know , i gave the classroom a millionwatt smile and went to my seat. My best friend , Joe , gave me

hateful glare. I was stunned, if looks could kill, i would be lying right next to my grandparents in the cemetery already. I started to get nervous , I really hope i dint get in trouble. Teryn came to me during recess time.

" I know about you and Christine , Ray. " She wasn't happy , I could tell from her eyes. " Christine told you? " I was expecting 'Yes' from her lips. " Rumours spread , saying you slept with her and so on "

The frustrating look on her face frozed me right where i stood. . "Ray , I think you need to talk to Joe about this. " She walked away , leaving me all the questions and not an answer in sight

I met Joe , in the classroom. Our looks in the eyes wasnt the old kind of 'whats up, buddy? kind of look anymore. I walked up to him , "Whats wrong , Joe ? " He stared at me , angry words burst forth from his mouth, " What do you think ? Maybe you should tell the whole world how proud you are ! " I'd never seen Joe so mad before ,

esspecially since we went way back . we had been best friends since preschool and we could never be separated. He shouted so that the whole class could hear him , as he continues

"You were my friend Ray , but u disapoint me instead of encouraging me ! "

He grabbed his bag , and walked out of the class. Suddenly , i felt so guilty, but the knowledge that i was innocent kept me going for the rest of the day as I spent my entire day on my light green chair ,

wondering how my life could become such a mess in the space of a few days . I was so worried that something bad might happen to our friendship. I moped around my desk , wondereing what did i ever do to make Joe mad .

Teryn , she came by again and sat down right beside me after school. Same place where she sat down that day when she told me christine was in love. I laughed bitterly at the irony of it. But it wont be any exciting news anymore.

She glared at me , and said " I was told to see you , as a messenger. " She inhaled , " Joe was the one who asked Christine out on New Year"s Eve , He was the one who introduced Christine to his loyal bestfriend , You. He wanted you to feel important to him.

Joe, he was in love with Christine since November last year. Christine told him about your relationship with her Ray , and Joe , he was so upset. Im not saying this is your fault , its noboday's fault so dont put the blame on yourself , alright ? "

Teryn put a comforting hand on my shoulder after she told me the truth , I didnt know Joe had a crush on Christine , Joe is my bestfriend.The bitter irony of it struck me again. Maybe I sinned in my past life, thats why things have to end this way...

To be continued..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A diary of Ray Part 4.


She gave me a smile , without an answer , she stood up and said " Lets go". Is that a yes ? I dont know , without a confirmation , i just looked at her walking her way through the dark paths ,and slowly dissapear. The park was so quiet and crickets begin to sing as the park was so peaceful , and i went home , leaving the puzzle undone.

"Happy Valentine Christine."


16th feb. Had you ever felt love before ? A girl asked me with a serious expression on her face.

I went to school , as usual. the air felt cool and refreshing , the cool breeze hit my face, revitalizing me, temporarily letting me
forget my crush on christine . Everyone was either huddled up in a corner to catch an afternoon siesta or walking as fast as they could to their destinations. , nothing could be heard except for the sound of footsteps and the tapping sound of raindrops. Teachers' cars were leaving as school had ended.I was sitting alone at the canteen table , flipping the pages of my story book. Teryn bought her lunch and came to the table i was sitting.

"Mind if i sit here ? " She asked.

"Have a seat." I said as I faked a big smile as i really wanted to be alone to my feelings

She asked me alot about my love life , I told her that i was in love somebody. All out of a sudden , she mentioned about Christine. She told me Christine was her primary school classmate and best friend since then. This conversation become more meaningful as a million questions popped out from her mouth.

"Ray , have you ever fell in love with a girl u in the first sight you see her? " Curiosity was plastered all over her face , pressuring me as she was expecting some postive answer from me.
I paused and continue to read my book , She came nearer to my ear and whispered ,

"I think Christine is in love ." She was giving me an evil smile "Not you silly!" and walked away into the pouring rain with her umbrella.

After what Teryn had said , i was being curious all day long , thinking is Christine in love with someone else ? I took a long shower , and i cant get it off my mind. I looked at myself in the mirror , being obssesed of what Teryn said earlier just now , wondering why am i not borned with a handsome face that easily attracts girls.


18th feb , im tired as i cant get enough sleep for the past 2 days. Stress kept me awake. I wandered around my mind , making up beautiful scenes like what i saw earlier in the movies. Candles , music and any other things that bring romance to life.

I met Christine at the CentralPark Hill around 6 , We went jogging for awhile and waited until sunset. We joked about the old folks who are walking in funny way , bouncing their buttocks up and down.

Sunset was beautiful , the sunshine had blinded the colour of the scenery but you're still as colourful as u'd always been in my heart. She stared at me in a different way , pulling her gasp and told me she is in love , just like what Teryn told me that day.

"So it was true ? " i asked her while looking at the sun.

"Teryn told you huh ? She's such a chatterbox ! " blush began to appear on her cheeks.

" So who is the lucky guy? " Faking the smile out of my face , trying to be cool as i was facing to the sun , pretending to feel happy for her as i was expecting some other guy's name.

She wiped her sweat off , and turned her head giving me an awkward look.

"I had.. the best day of my life on valentines day. I'd found a guy that really cares about me and i think i had a crush on him , he was willing to sacrafice his lonely valentine just to cheer the innocent girl up." She said this under her breath.

"Uhh.." i looked at her , trying hard to believe what i heard from her was all true. Pinching my other hand as hard as i could , i was so relieved that i felt pain. I looked into her dark bronish pupils , the reflection in her eyes had given me the courage to open my mouth and said.

"I love you , Christine"...

To Be Continued..